© Emily Moon, 2013.

© Emily Moon, 2013.

With an affinity for media that spans the gamut from photography, illustration, advertising,  graphic design, and writing, Emily Moon is a conceptual and narrative artist who always strives to inspire innovative thought. This blog is her outlet for random discourse; a place to mull over the various facets of life and keep the creative juices flowing from the cerebral faucet.

Artist Biography

Emily Moon was born and raised in Portland, Oregon to a family of self-proclaimed eccentrics. At the age of two, Emily discovered art when she first picked up a pencil and began to illustrate what she observed in the concrete world around her and the elaborate, narrative daydreams that occupied her mind.

Flash forward to middle school when Emily took up experimental point-and-shoot photography to document elaborate wardrobes and makeup inspired by her illustrations. This early hobby lead to an unflinching infatuation with the medium, bigger and less pixilated cameras, and an education in photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

At SCAD, Emily honed her skills as a technical artist, familiarizing herself with new software and delving headfirst into her favorite facet of the media: studio photography.

It is with a desire to contribute fine art conceptualism to the commercial market that Emily ventures into the professional world. She eventually put down the pencil, but only to trade it in for a slew of new tools. To this day she continues to dabble in various art forms, utilizing each media to perpetuate her creative spirit.

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